2017 Football Preview

Yay, sportsball!

Every year at the Sun Sentinel we compile a football preview section, complete with analysis, commentary and coverage of Florida Football. The section can range from 40-70 pages and covers local high school, college and pro football. This year’s was a doozy with teams changing, players changing positions and more.

My editor put me in charge of the design, giving me some ability to drift away from the Sun Sentinel style, while still keeping some basic elements the same.

After 10 days of organizing, assigning stories and photos to pages and designing, myself and a freelance designer completed a 56-page section.

Below are all of the pages we worked together on, organized by section. Enjoy!

Miami Dolphins




University of Miami Hurricanes


Florida State Seminoles and Florida Gators


High School – Broward County


High School – Palm Beach County

Florida Atlantic Owls

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