2017 Medicare Guide

The Process

For this illustration, I stared out sketching a maze with pencil and paper, using a very simple perspective technique, a ruler and a single perspective point.


After completing the pencil sketch of the maze, I traced over it with a fine-tipped artist pen on tracing paper. Now why trace my sketch? Partially to make sure the lines would be picked up by the scanner, but also to add a bit of a “human” touch to the lines, making them look less like they’ve been traced with a ruler.


After scanning in the illustration and doing some light color correction, I brought the photo into illustrator and used the “Image Trace” function, to make it a vector. Then, using similar draw/trace/scan process to create the thought bubble and question mark and the pen tool to create the man, I pasted in some downloaded texture from Spoon Graphics (an awesome resource for any designer), to add a grunge effect. Here is the final illustration before text:


Then I added text and the Sun Sentinel “wave.”

The Final Product


Above is my final design. The illustration was also picked up by the Orlando Sentinel, a sister paper of the Sun Sentinel, El Sentinel, a Spanish language paper distributed by the Sun Sentinel, and Orlando El Sentinel, a Spanish language paper distributed by the Orlando Sentinel. The following designs were not completed by myself, but other designers.

Orlando Sentinel
El Sentinel


Orlando El Sentinel