Special Premium Section: Home and Decor

Home and Decor was a 32-page special section that ran with the Sunday, March 19 paper and contained local and national content on interior design, outdoor living and prime property.

This was a “premium section” that readers paid an additional fee from their normal subscription or newsstand fee to read. To ensure the readers got their money’s worth, Home and Decor was printed on “bright white” newsprint, or what I lovingly refer to as the “Cottonelle of Newsprint.” This off-white paper produces a much clearer print than our daily newsprint paper, guaranteeing that the clarity of the design and the photography shined.

In 2017 the Sun Sentinel is planning on rolling out multiple premium sections, from Education to Best Workplaces, and the design team felt that we needed to start off with a bang.

With a light and airy feel, Home and Decor was designed mirror a magazine. With plenty of whitespace, and the addition of muted and simple color palette, Home and Decor was created with high-design in mind.



Below are the pages that I lead.

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