Young Circle Two-Way Rotary

Legislators in Hollywood, FL are proposed changing one of the city’s largest roundabouts into the world’s first ever two-way rotary. Sounds a little nutty, especially since Floridians are some of the worst drivers in the country, but that’s just my opinion. (and the whole newsroom’s opinion.)

Anyway, since this would be the first two-way rotary ever, we felt it was important to include graphics explaining how it would work. Enter, me. With my new degree from the University of YouTube in animation, my editor gave me the task of creating motion graphics to use in a video.

In the graphics, I illustrated some of the common ways travelers would use the rotary, as seen below. The red car highlights the route, as the gray cars show traffic in the rest of the circle.

Background illustration by Emily Caruso.

Heading Northbound to Federal Highway

Heading Southbound from Hollywood Boulevard

Heading Eastbound from Federal Highway


The Final Video

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